New Year's Day Foods: What You Should and Shouldn't Eat on New Years Day

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New Year's Day Foods: What You Should and Shouldn't Eat on New Years Day

New Year’s Day is a time for renewal and celebration. One of the ways people celebrate the New Year is with a feast, where family and friends gather in order to enjoy food and fellowship. Traditionally, every country has their own New Year's Day celebration. Here are some of the traditional New Year's Day foods in different countries.

New Year's Day Food and Traditions in USA

On January 1st, Americans celebrate the New Year. The topic in today's article is New Year food and traditions in the USA. Every year on January 1, Americans celebrate the achievement of a new year. People wear new-years-clothes, set new goals, write down plans and intentions. It is a good thing to be healthy, wealthy and successful. But, as you are probably aware, recipes have already been set, tables are set. Why not give something new a try? So what? It is the New Year after all!

Food traditions

For families, New Year is a big celebration. There are so many traditions when it comes to cooking. For example, in some families, people cook and eat soup. Some families eat beef. For many families, it is customary to eat fish. Another tradition is baking New Year's cake. The cake may be in the shape of an envelope or ring. In some families it is customary to bake a cake called "pomegranate cake". The cake is made with nuts, raisins, and a red filling. New Year beverages are another tradition. There are a variety of beverages. The most well-known drink is champagne. Champagne is a mixture of wine, sugar, and yeast. It can be served alone or with some juice. Beer is also a traditional beverage. It is light, golden, and amber. Beer is good for dieting. Some families collect money during the New Year. The collected money is donated to charity.

Funny traditions

What about funny traditions? For example, people with long names wear their shoes high. People named Joe wear their shoes high, for example. Other funny traditions are when some families put New Year's shoes under their beds. People put money in their shoes, for example. New Year's tradition is the ringing of a church bell. Churches ring bells, for example, three times. What about New Year traditions in Japan? For example, in Japan, people wear traditional decorations. The decorations have the image of a dragon. New Year's tradition in China is burning the Bad Year Ghost. Bad Year Ghost is an imaginary creature who symbolizes all the bad things, such as failure, obstacles, illness, etc. The Bad Year Ghost is burned. Another tradition is eating dumplings. Dumplings contain filling. This filling may be fish or meat. New Year's tradition in Ukraine is singing. People sing New Year carols.


As you can see, there are a lot of various traditions. The thing is, families have unique traditions and mindset. There isn't a huge selection of New Year food traditions. What people eat depends on what is available. Some families eat traditional fruit cake. Others eat traditional French cake. They make New Year cookies. Each person who celebrates New Year has its own traditions. Tradition is a way people stay connected. Each New Year is an opportunity for people to unite and to make plans. What traditions should people have? That is their decision. What traditions have you had? Were you satisfied with the traditions your family had? Share your traditions in the comments.


What are New Year's Day foods in the USA and how are they prepared?

New Year is fast approaching and people are gearing up to celebrate the USA's most wild party night of the year. In preparation for one of the most heavily celebrated holidays in the USA, this article is going to talk about the cuisine that people eat on New Year and how they prepare it. This year will be the 152nd year of New Year's Eve celebrations in the USA and people tend to keep the tradition of eating foods which were staples to the past. The most popular of these are foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Some traditional foods

The first thing that people usually eat on New Year  is oysters. Oysters are considered a delicacy and also a symbol of good luck. However, be careful as the older oysters are, the harder they are. Other popular foods that are eaten on New Year  are Champagne and caviar. A Champagne toast is also a common greeting before eating. Many people like to make New Year resolutions on New Year and this is commonly done before eating.

Preparing the New Year foods

There are usually two ways that people prepare the food. One is by frying the food. This is the most common method of preparation and is seen as a modern way of doing things. The other way is to slow-cook the food. Slow-cooking is used when making foods with high protein content and is often used for cooking meat dishes. For New Year, many people prefer the traditional route of frying.

The dishes that are most commonly fried on New Year would be shrimp, scallops and crab. Fried fish is also popular for New Year, mainly cod and flounder. The dishes that are most commonly slow-cooked on New Year would be ham. As mentioned earlier, slow cooking is used when preparing high protein content. When slow cooking you want to lower the temperature so that the food does not dry out. To slow cook some food, you need a large pot and to put the food in, add water and put a lid on top. There has to be enough air to reach the food. You will know this is working when the food starts to bubble and float. Other foods that are slow-cooked for the New Year are chicken.

Preparing New Year's foods

There is a lot to consider when preparing foods for the New Year. Some of the foods can be very high in salt and fat. It is important to be aware of this and not overeat.

Have a healthy meal before the New Year

It is also important not to eat too much food on New Year. If you want to enjoy yourself on New Year's Eve, go easy on the amount of food you eat beforehand. The last thing you want the next day is to be bloated and uncomfortable. A good preparation would be to have a “healthy” meal in the morning of the day before New Year, this will ensure that you do not overeat on New Year. Having a little snack during the day will most likely work out better.

 5 Traditional Food Items  that are Popular on New Year's Day

Are you planning on having a night out on New Year's Eve? If you have got a traditional taste for good food, then you are going to have some kind of party. I have been asked where certain foods are popular for NYE and I thought that it would be good to write an article outlining foods that are popular for that period of time. You can thank us in the New Year.

1. Fish and Chips

The fish finger and chips is a traditional dish. This is widely available in the UK, but for those of you in America and other parts of the world, you want to try this dish at that time of the year.

2. Steak

Australia and the United States are big meat eaters. Especially in the dead of winter. So, it comes as no surprise that steak is one of the more popular dishes in the first year of the New Year.

3. Pie

Scotland is known for their meat pies. The traditional fix would be beef, lamb and tatties. Dating back to the 17th century, these pies are still popular in Scotland and England.

4. Poultry

Chicken, turkey, goose... no matter your meat preference, you will find this dish on the menu. Just like steak, this is a popular dish in the first days of the New Year.

5. Scallops

Something a little different in this list. Scallops will never be so popular on New Year's Eve but because of the attractive appearance and the taste of the dish it is popular around that time of year.

Each country has its own traditional dishes for the new year. Maybe your preferred method is warm mince pies and mulled wine. If so, then we wish you and your family a happy new year!

If you're like most people, you wait until the last minute for everything you do. Hopefully, with the help of these five traditional food items that are popular  on New Year's Day  and the information regarding each item here, you can plan ahead and have everything ready to feel prepared and festive on New Years Day. Whether you use this list on your own or forward it to your friends, family members and co-workers to share with them, I hope this New Year's Foods helps you to have a better time on next year's New Year's Day! Happy Holidays!